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Experience the Mitre

Relaxing yet oozing sophistication

The Mitre is a building steeped in history, but with stylish interiors and modern touches to reflect our personality. We want you to feel like you’re at home, sitting in your favourite armchair, drink in hand, with luxury at your feet.

Leisure is the time
for doing
useful. Benjamin Franklin

Newly re-imagined following a complete renovation. Where history meets 21st century comfort and style.

Discover the neighbourhood and the many great experiences and days out to enjoy from our doorstep.

Dating back as far as Charles II in 1665, explore the fascinating and rich history of the Mitre at Hampton Court. 

Learn more about the stunning new interiors created by talented designer Nicola Harding.

A wonderful and exciting choice for your next family staycation. 

Well behaved Dogs are always very welcome at The Mitre.

Hear the vision and meet the man behind the Mitre and the newly formed Signet Hotel Collection.